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Thread: Rescue Cavalier - reluctant to go out

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    As a few of you know, i have recently adopted a beautiful rescue cavalier called sadie. She is very tramatised, because of her history, and so frightened. I,am showing her lots of love, but she is worrying me because she is reluctant to go out for walks, which was never an issue with her fosterer, she had two dogs of her own, a saluki and a black lab, who she bonded very closely to. sadie is eating and drinking, but she just won,t budge, she will do her business and pull to come home, after only walking a couple of feet. she seems really scared. I have tried treats to tempt her. i don,t want to get cross with her, because shes so fragile at the moment. she seems depressed. I did ring the fosterer yesterday, as i was so worried, as she was walking sadie three times a day.Ruby is fine with sadie, as i work full time, they both go to a good friend who is retired, and has two small dogs, and she is reluctant to go out, has all this been too much for sadie i feel so guilty, that its causing her more anxiety. If anyone has any suggestions, i would be glad of some advice. I just want her to be happy again. karen, ruby and sadie
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