Melissa wrote: I would be VERY CAREFUL walking her off lead, the last thing she needs is to be lost.

I would second this - not so much that she might get lost, but that she will panic and head for home (or back to the car in a possibly busy car park), and if this happens to be across a busy major road... If I can only manage a short walk with my two, I take them across the busy road to a small park, but Aled, my rescue, is never allowed off-lead. If he got chased by a bigger dog (and we have far too many undisciplined staffie crosses in our neighbourhood) he would get into a blind panic and head for where he feels secure - home. And probably wouldn't make it. It can take a long time for dogs from a poor background to unlearn earlier behaviour and get used to a completely strange world. They can seem to be doing fine and then something new throws them and you can't always anticipate it.

Kate, Oliver and Aled