I have to agree with melissa on this one Gran, although with Ruby i had already had her diagnosed, (it helps as i work in theatres), i still needed to go through the right protocol, luckily she was insured, she went to a referral centre for mri, and its was confirmed she had severe psom of both ears, her sm at the moment is moderate, and showing no symptons, but her hearing is badly affected. she was scratching at her ears an awful lot, she also suspected disc problems in her back, as sometimes she had trouble jumping up and down my sofa, but meant she would need another mri on lower back,the vet advised ruby lose weight, and this would help a lot,i could go on with her health issues, but you must do what you think is right. And like the others have posted a good place to start is to read up on the health issues that affect cavaliers on this site.Good luck, i hope your problems are solved soon Karen,Ruby and Sadie