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Thread: i knew i was in trouble..

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    Default i knew i was in trouble..

    so im first on the waitlist for the next litter of puppies by the breeder of my choice..and yet..i cant help poking around in pet stores and pet sections..and of course the websites.

    but i was to meet a friend for coffee and walmart was next door..she was waiting for me in walmart..i decided to pop over to the pet section.

    i knew i was in trouble when i saw...they had...muppet dog toys.

    i am obsessed with the muppets..i mean i like them a whole heck of a lot.
    (in two seperate Q& with my fav actor..and one with my fav band) i asked who their fav muppets were. FYI .for those who know who dominic monaghan is...his fav muppet is Beaker...same as mine)

    anyways..they were priceless..of course..but me being me..picked up the muppets they had...kermit fozzy and animal..and bought them anyways..thank the pricing gods they were only under $4 each.
    i dont know whos going to like them puppy. lol
    Oliver and Max and Meeko man, i will meet you at the Rainbow bridge. I love you all. Miss you more then you'll ever know.
    wait for me...

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    Before I got Fletcher I waited until the last minute to buy it still wasn't real if I bought stuff something would "happen" and I wouldn't get him. I had a crate, some old towels and extra metal feeding bowls the only things I managed to buy before I got Fletcher was a harness and leash. I used one of my parent's travel crates too. However, since actually picking him up. I spend all kinds of money on him. He needed chew toys real bedding since he was more or less crate trained and didn't potty in there. I new walk thru baby gate for his area, since we have to walk thur his area to get out the back door. Of course I wanted to start grooming and brushing his teeth daily so I needed that, and I learned to clip his nails and trim his paw hair myself. Care-A-Lot Pets is my FAV store now. They even carry cavalier window stickers and magnets!!!!!! Then he likes to swim so I needed a life jacket. Just last week I bought him the neat water bottle first its insulated then the lid becomes a cup for drinking, that has come in handy on outings. We were vacationing on the Outer Banks in NC and I found this cute store called Outer Barks, they made me a garden stepping stone with Fletcher's paw print and beach stuff--to mark Fletcher's first family vacation. I love shopping for Fletcher can you tell?



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