I'm hoping this is a freaked out "Mommy" issue. Yes, we were on vacation last week and Fletcher didn't eat well the whole week, but I figured it was my fault because we were in new surrounds. However, we have been home since yesterday morning and he's still not eating well. However, we are experiencing I serious heat wave.....Our house has AC and we have all the fans running, even some extra ones. In heat like this you can really only expect your AC to cool it about 20 degrees less than outside. I have been feeding Fletcher Wellness Grain Free Adult, he gets kibble in the morning, fresh veggies and fruit at lunch time and kibble in the evening (I switched the lunchtime meal about a month ago when he wasn't touching the kibble at all) Well yesterday morning we were still at the beach house he did touch his food, we were running around packing so. Then he did eat his veggies and fruit lunch in the car on the way home but because we were traveling my kids hand fed him, then last night he ate about 1/3 his kibble serving. Today he did touch his kibble, I put it back down for him at lunch he ate about 1/3 again, then he had 2 baby carrots and like 3 blueberries I have pushed his evening meal back hoping he would be good and hungry however, he didn't touch it. I have been pretty strict about leave him with his food in his crate for 20 mins then its over. I do not want to get into free feeding!!!!!!

I'm hoping you will all tell me this is "normal" in a growing puppy, I know it is with human babies. I also know he will be starve to death. He has been drink a lot more water lately I think because of the heat.

I'm just gonna stay the course unless you guys have another suggestion. I have NO interest into switching kibbles either. I am still considering switching to raw but honestly I want to give therapy work a try (after much training) and therapy dogs cannot be in raw.

Any suggestions, advice, help???