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Thread: PLEASE HELP... 3yr old Pugalier with sudden slipped disc...Devastated owner!

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    Unhappy PLEASE HELP... 3yr old Pugalier with sudden slipped disc...Devastated owner!

    Hello everyone,

    My poor mum came home to her little boy (Jazpa) and found him dragging his back legs on Friday. They had gone out for their normal walk in the morning before mum went to work, came home at lunch time and found him unable to walk.

    She is absolutely devastated and to make matters worse, she was due to go on holiday the next day. I managed to convince her to go and promised to do everything in my power to make him OK again.

    I took him to our fantastic vet on Sat evening (7th July). He was able to tell me straight away that Jaz had a slipped disc in his back. He gave him a steroid injection and 2 tabs for morning and evening on Sunday. He asked to see him again on Monday morning.

    Monday morning, our vet Mark, lifted his back legs and seemed pleased with the progress. I can't see any progress but he could obviously tell?! Obviously this doesn't guarantee that Jazpa will walk again but surely this is good news? He gave him another steroid injection and told me to give Jazpa a steroid tablet every morning.

    I have had to take 4 days off of work so far (unpaid) to be able to supervise him as the vet advised us that he needs to rest as much as possible. I don't have a crate and he has never been in one so I'm unsure as to whether this will cause him more stress? I don't really have anybody else to help until my mum returns (17th July) so would a crate be ok for him to be left in the day whilst I'm at work? I find myself having to hand feed and lift his bowl to him as he finds it hard to lean down to eat/drink and wobbles.

    When I asked about surgery, our vet didn't seem keen and advised me that many dogs 'don't make it' due to the intensity of the operation. Does anybody have any feedback on surgery that their dog had to have due to slipped disc?

    Also, does anybody rate acupuncture?

    We are willing to try ANYTHING that people can positively suggest from experience.

    He's my mums world as its only her and him at home. They love each other to bits and he's only 3 years old this August.

    If anybody has any advise, I would be truly grateful!!!

    Many thanks,

    Krissy x

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    I have no advice, because I have never experienced this, but I just wanted to say I am sorry and I hope your boy recovers.

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    My aunt uses acupuncture on her arthritic toy poodles, and it works wonders. I don't know whether it would help with a slipped disc, but you should research it. It might help.

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    I am sorry to hear about Jazpa I can understand how you and your mother must be feeling as this happened to my dog Jasper. He had spinal decompression surgery just over a year ago for his slipped disc, it as been successful and Jasper as been doing okay (touchwood. My vet took a very different view to your vet and as a matter of urgency he referred Jasper to a specialist vet that day and Jasper had his operation that evening.

    I have read these links because of Jaspers experience, and found them interesting and helpful.

    I hope your boy recovers and is soon up and about
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