Hi i am very new to this forum and have a concern about my lovely ruby cavalier puppy.
He is 6 months old and has always chased his tail a little since we got him at 8 weeks. The last few weeks have been very different however and he is chasing and catching his tail quite frequently especially when he first wakes up and for a while in the evenings before he settles down. He has started to growl and bark at his tail and his legs and paws during this behaviour and also at times seems very irritated by his bottom and genitals and will nibble them whilst making a grumbling noise.
I have taken him to my vet in the last week who didn't seem overly concerned by this behaviour but did empty his anal glands and checked his paws. I asked him about rabbit mites but he said i would notice this and he couldn't see any signs of them. i have recently wormed my pup and he is treated with front-line for fleas and ticks although i have on occasion seen a flea on him sometimes after out walking.
My concern is that this could be the start of something more serious in him such as flycatchers syndrome or sm?
I would be very grateful if anyone had any further advice for me in how to deal with this as i am beginning to feel very worried about my lovely puppy.
Thank you in advance.