I'm having a little trouble trying to teach Mabel to sit. We've been training every night this week and I am still having trouble getting her to sit. I still have to lure her with a treat, and her first reaction is to charge right at me, jump on my lap an go after the treats in my hand. When I lure her back to sit, she first jumps, and jumps then finally gets the idea that I want her to put her hands down.

I know this sounds a little weird, but should I use treats she likes less? She gets so excited whenever she gets treats, even ones she hates (the vet was terribly amused when she almost wagged herself off the table when she gave her a liver treat, but then refused to eat it). We're looking at starting puppy classes soon, but I'm worried we're already behind!

Just a little video of what's going on, sorry she's not always on screen, I moved recently and my tripod is still at the family house.