Has anyone ever used Shoo! TAGS or heard of them for fleas or ticks? I struggle with what to use for tick protection for Sonny since we can't use Advantix because we have a cat and it's toxic to cats.

Shoo! TAGS supposedly are a non toxic chemical free way of protecting your dog. We frequently go to a pet store which is very into natural and homeopathic approaches with animals. They also kind of frown on you if you don't feed raw, but I always ignore that. The lady was telling me that these Shoo! TAGS work by sending out a magnetic frequency that creates a barrier around the dog. AFter you purchase the tag you have to register it online and then that activates the magnetic frequency to start working.

Anyways I was a little skeptical even though she seemed to really believe in the product and they usually don't try to up sell me there, so I was just wondering if anyone has had any luck or knows much about these little tags.

Thanks for any information! I'm really just curious!