I will state this VERY CAREFULLY!!! During my finding a good breeder stage of cavalier puppy hunting I found plenty of nice looking sites that stated they cared so much for their "home raised" cavaliers but after farther checking there were too many questionable "flags" stated. Well, most of those sites I never visited again whatever, but one breeder kept up a super funny blog about the things his/her dogs and puppy did..... So I from time to time go read the breeders blog on his/her site. Well today I did just that. But I did notice a new announcement on the breeders home page a new litter was born 7/7/12. After some farther reading this same dam had a litter on 12/15/11............and this breeder states he/she does not over breed their dogs?????? It makes me what to jump thur the computer and slap this breeder. Its so so so annoying and I'm betting this second time mother in 7 months dog is younger than 2 and 1/2 years. Poor baby. This breeder has announced 6 new litters this year.....yep in it for the money and money only. Sorry but I have to rant what the ____ is wrong with these "breeders"!!!!!!! They are a major problem! I'm not going to read these sites anymore it makes me sick.

I'm gonna jump of a cavalier rescue site and donate $20 in this poor dam's name I swear. Alright I won't use her full registered AKC name just the first letter of her name. The AKC standards for breeders my ______. They are of no help either.

Sorry, I was careful to not name names, or give any specific identifying information.