Alright so I went and searched this topic on CT and there are a few different answers and I am not really clear on it. So I'm just going to tell you about MY situation and ask for your advice. Fletcher just turned 5 months. Personally I'm glad I have a boy because this issue is way more complicated with female dogs.

1. I have to get Fletcher fixed for a number of reasons, the adoption contract, we know nothing about his heredity things etc.

2. I have known Fletcher only has one testicle since I got him. My vet has checked and rechecked not turning up Fletcher had some x-rays done a bit ago and because they were of his tummy the vet noticed hey I still don't see two LOL but she said x-ray wasn't always the best way to tell for testicles.

3. I do NOT want any marking behavior....he has done so well with not having me cleaning up too much pee or poop. I could careless about the humping (which he has not done yet) I will just give him something better to do.

So here's my questions, my vet says I can do it at 6 months or wait a longer. Do it now and during the surgery they will "look" for the other testicle, or wait and see if that "other' testicle will show up. Which we both think is unlikely but who knows. Waiting to me is risky only because of the marking issue. He is NEVER unsupervised, and the only unfixed dog in the whole family. Plus with only one testicle LOL I'm kidding I know it could happen.

Generally, I am not a "oh not my baby" kind of parent. My youngest son has had surgery twice both "normal" one day kid stuff. But I understand humans NOT dogs. And my vet has given me the option and I need to do some research to decide, why not start here.