We saw her neuro last night for a progress check ,I advised she is still scratches occasionally, but not a lot, and that her
medication of 2x100 mg Gabapentin from what I can see has not really made any great change to her scratching .I requested
a possible increase of the Gabapentin from 2 daily to 3 but her neuro wanted to include Omeprazole into her meds and of course
did not want to vary two meds at the same time so it was decided to proceed with the inclusion of the 10 mg of Omeprazole for
a three week trial then possibly increase the Gabapentin to 3x daily if needed .Her daily meds are now 3x50 mg Zitac ,2x100 mg
Gabapentin and 1x daily of 10 mg Omeprazole .I asked why would she take both the Zitac and Omep if they are both CSF reducers
and was advised that the Zitac acts as a fluid reducer and the Omep acts to try and reduce the production of spinal fluid ,am I right here or am I suffering from information overload . Any comments ,thoughts,advice or guidance most welcome please .

Daisy unfortunately has what was a small pimple on her left side which has now developed into a larger fibrous cyst/wart which I know has to be removed so I have arranged an appointment with a surgeon at C/Gates right after we see her neuro in three weeks time ,so tonight its off to my local Vets with Daisy to ask for a referral letter to them on the grounds that as she has a Grade 4 murmur I would like C/Gates to operate as they have a full time anaesthetist and a complete range of emergency equipment . My poor Daisy .

My Dawn's hospital appointment last Friday resulted in the endoscophy finding more ulcers some of which are still bleeding and with her
colonoscophy she found it to be too painful halfway through the procedure and told them to stop. So she has been summoned back to
see her consultant who wants her to have the colonoscophy again ,we go on .