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I have noticed Daisy is drinking a lot more what med could be causing that ?.I also noticed after forgetting to give her 6 pm Gabapentin that
missing it did not seem affect her and this was about ten hours after her 6am one ,so it crossed my mind are the Gabapentin actually doing anything
for her and also as it was only when she went on Omeprazole that I noted a huge reduction in her scratching .I shall of course ask her Neuro when we
go back for her three month assessment in a couple of weeks .Any thoughts please .

A few times I have forgotten to give Ebony her Gabapentin and nothing happened, but then on other days she needs it every 5 hours otherwise she starts scratching. Ebony has been on Gabapentin for 15 month now and I have not seen any increased drinking.

Best to ask the Neuro.