I posted a question about when is the right time to have Fletcher fixed. Well I was concern mainly because he has one undeceded testicle, the surgery was going to be a little different. Well I was just brushing Fletcher and clipping his nails and yes I noticed he has a little sack forming. My vet showed me how to check for the "missing" testicle. HE HAS TWO!!!! I know its a very weird thing to be telling you all but I was worried about it after I read all about the potential risks of leaving an undesended testicle, which I wasn't going to do. I'm still going to have him neutered just a few days before he turns 6 months tho, we already have the appt. and I know I can be home the whole week.

I know this forum is full of doggie Mommy's and Daddy's who's little angles have are dealing with "real" medical problems/concerns/treatments, so I do not mean any harm by posting something so trivial. Given the fact that I know NOTHING about Fletcher's parents or where he came from, I truly watch him like a hawk and enjoy every "normal healthy" day we have.

You all know me a little by now so again please excuse my twisted sense of humor when I say I was happy to find Fletcher indeed has TWO desended testicles!!!

I never in my life thought I would ever post an update about my dog's testicles online