I wanted to be able to take care of Fletcher's grooming needs myself but I'm already feeling overwhelmed. He is only 5 months old so I'm not even dealing with full blown cavalier hair yet. I brush him every evening, I think it helps to get him used to it and also avoid any big knots too. I also brush his teeth every morning again to get him used to it.

Here's my questions.

Fletcher has been swimming in a pool a lot lately (its salt water) I rinse him with the hose afterwords. Make sure to dry under his ears too. Because he is swimming a lot, and then digging in the yard he needs a bath but I'm afraid to bathe him too much. I'm trying to wait every 3rd week but its not working...I use baby shampoo should I be using something else or is it alright to bathe him like once a week like I want to?????

Nail Clipping? Lucky for me all of Fletcher's nails are white so I can see the quick very easily, but when I cut his nails they are super sharp. Do you think that's because the clippers aren't sharp enough or I'm cutting them wrong? Remember its HOT here, we are all wearing shorts etc. and it hurt to have a puppy jump in your lap with sharp nails. Any suggestions?

The hair between his toes? I keep it trimmed (with blunt ended scissors) and free of knots, but it still seems like a lot of hair in between his pads and the floor. We have no carpet in our main living area, so he needs traction he does that funny puppy running inside and I'm worried he's gonna slip and knock into somethings and hurt himself. I walk him on concrete outside in the last evenings hoping it will help but....or am I being a nutty Mommy for worrying about this?

Inside his ears? So far I have pretty much left them alone and I plan in continuing to do that unless they have a bad/weird smell (which would be a sign of infection) I know with children you can do a lot more harm then good trying to clean their ears. I check them regularly for any sign of anything not right. So my questions is am I doing the "right" thing or should I be cleaning his ears?

I know I don't know what I'm doing but once again thank goodness I have CT where I can ask these questions. I have already found a groomer who cuts a few cavaliers and knows cavalier owners are particular in what they want. I'm hoping to leave Fletcher mostly uncut IF I can manage the hair on my own but I have a lot to learn as you can see.

Thank you,