So since getting my girl (and admittedly in the months leading up to her), i have searched and searched for pretty accessories! I quickly discovered I dont like putting a collar on her, and a harness is the way to go. Its even MORE difficult to find cute harnesses with matching leashes. Then I discovered ShopMimiGreen. Based in the US, each piece is custom made for your pet. It takes a while to get it (about a month or so), and is pricey, but they are so beautiful and very very good quality. I have the laminated/oil cloth one which is very durable and easy to clean. The harness is step-in so its very easy to take on and off. I had one of those adjustable ones for the first month and it was such a pain to put on and take off. The site also sells these tag holders called Rubit and they are also really awesome, cute and makes switching tags from one collar/harness to another super easy. You can even get cute flowers and bows, and certain products can be embroidered with your pets name. As i mentioned, they are a bit pricey but it really is a good investment for those who care about aesthetics of their dog accessories, because they are very well made, and are so adorable. Just thought I'd share for those other shopaholics out there

(And FYI: Lady is about 10lbs right now and wears a size small with plenty of room for adjustment as she grows.)