I haven't posted in a long time, but I know some of you will remember Bradley.

Bradley joined our family nearly 6 years ago. It would've been his 6th gotcha day on Sunday.

We lost Bradley to MVD this evening, having taken that awful decision.

Bradley was a legend to us. 'Rescued' by MTR from his life as a puppy farm stud dog, we adopted him and brought him home to the north east of England. He had never seen a bird in the sky until he moved to our house. He was probably 7 years old when we got him. We considered 22nd July was going to be his 13th birthday, as his gotcha day was naturally his birthday.

Run free big little man. We will miss Mr Grumpy Trousers, his attitude, his guarding, his growling, his smiles, his amazing cuddles where he smothered your whole face. See you again Bradley Matthew Williams.