I'm wondering about health testing for Luke. There will be a health clinic at a few local upcoming shows, and I'm thinking of taking him and getting some tests. He is pet quality, and he is neutered. Luke is about 3.5 years old (DOB 2/7/09). He shows no signs of any problems, but I figured I should get him checked since he is active in flyball, and he does a little weight pulling (he's just pulling 2lbs or so right now, I think I want to get everything checked out before he gets into anything heavy). I'm just wondering though, what kinds of tests would you get for a pet cavalier, who will not be bred, but is active. At the show next month, I can get his heart and eyes done. At the show in November, I could do hips, eyes, heart, patellas, elbows and thyroid.
I haven't seen any signs of any issues. Both parents were clear on hearts, hips, eyes, and patellas to at least age 5 if that makes a difference.