I'm actually away from Lady now for the first time I miss her so much! But I'll be back with her Monday afternoon, and until then she's staying with my mom. It was a long-ish trip to see my grandparents, but really I had to go. I feel guilty leaving her..10 days feels like a century. Funny how attached you get!

ANYWAY my whole point is that of course I make my mother update me every day, and yesterday she updated me that Lady has started humping my old teddy bear!! UM, excuse me! How rude. From what I've been reading, it's not necessarily a sexual thing (although she is almost 8 months old now) and she can be taught not to do it? But is everything ok?? Obviously she's my first dog. The family dog we had when I was a kid was a German Shepard, and he was kind of old, and I don't remember him ever doing that...just wanted to see what this is all about.

She has an appointment to get fixed on August 3 regardless. Is this a stress thing? Or a dominance thing? Why on earth does she feel she has to dominate my teddy bear??? Even though we had the GS before, my mom never had much to do with the training. She's always been more of a cat person. And she wants to know what she should do, because obviously we want to be consistent.

I just can't help but think this is a little bit funny...but I'm also kind of a worrier is this normal???