i know the rules of CT..so i really hope if i word this correctly i wont get in trouble. im sorry but i need to turn to people who know what to do. none of my friends really GET the issues we face..only you guys. if it shouldnt be here karlin you can totally delete it.

Ive been on one waitlist for a while now. i had a 1.5 hour conversation with her and have been fairly impressed with what ive heard. one of the issues is shes so far away ill have to wait an extra month and then have her ship the puppy via plane. (its like a 26 hour drive to and from) but one thing she dose not test for is SM. and that scares me.
she dosnt see the point as they can develop it right afte they do the testing? (is this true)
shes not sure when shes going to have her next litter.

lastnight i found a site that shows all the breeders..what tests they do and i saw a bunch that DO test for SM so i emaild them. one closer by..she has a much smaller pack of dogs (5 vs 11) tests for SM and JUST did a breeding. its the PERFECT timeing that ive been looking/hoping for (late fall early winter) but it was such an unexpected email im not sure what to do. shes going to send me pics.