i acutally had a long reply written out lastnight..but i hit hte wrong button and it deletd itself on me..i was too mad at myself to rewrite it lol

Thankyou so much for your replies.
im feeling 100% better about this today. Ive been having lengthy talks iwth her via email..shes sent me the mothers registeration name to google and look at her history..although i dont really undrestand that so it dosnt mean much to me (if anyone else wants to give it a go i can pm you the info) i am going to ask for the fathers as well.
and i was talking to my dad yesterday ..we are going to drive out together in septembe rwhen my mom goes on vacation. he is my eyes for everything. he comes iwth me apartment hunting.. car shopping and all sorts of things because i see 'oh this is such a cute car...this apartment is so pretty with wood floors' he sees the practicality and realisticness of it.. plus hes bought two dogs before and knows what to look for other then the cute dogs.
(hes acutally not a pet man..although hes put up with us kids's constant need for anmials when we were living at home.. he and my mom vowed nothing but fish for now)

ive crossed middle of no where breeder off my list. although i got a good feeling from her and shes in good standings with the kennel clubs and province clubs your right.. the non testing for SM really made me nervous as i almost feel more afraid of that then i do of MVD..which is how we lost oliver (yeah karlin that was REALLY tough. its been a year and a half now and im finally at peace with it..although i dont know if i can ever read that poem i wrote for him without tearing up hehe)

So i will keep you guys posted on how this goes..but i absolutly appreciate all your responses.. i KNEW no one else in my life would really understand the importants of the right cavalier breeder (and tests) although it dosnt tottaly illiminate any chance of the illnesses its a step in the right direction.