Guess what...the best thing in the whole wide world just happend to know other then winning the lotto or meeting mr right.

I was at work and we were discussing the lack of being aloud to leave premisis during our breaks (daycare...ratio thing..we need an extra worker) and i said i really am going to need to leave when pup comes so i can let it out for pee breaks.
and my manager said "why dont you just bring it to work everyday" and i said "i can do that?!?!" and she called the owner of the center who said absolutly they would love me to bring hte puppy to work with me will teach the children something and also help socialize the dog and they said "why wouldnt you want yoru baby with you everyday?

i have the best job in the WORLD!!!!!

(its a fairly new job acutally i just go tout of a REALLY bad work situation that i was in for 4 years)