My Husband and I have had our little Ellie for the past year and a half. After a few months of owning her we noticed her hair was dry and coarse along her spine. We were told it could be allergies, thyroid issues and etc.. We took her in for her annual shots earlier this summer and the vet noticed that she was developing pigment on the front of her eye. She tested very low for tear production and he advised us to see a specialist. That's when I started to do internet research and came across Dry Eye and Curly Coat Syndrome. We ordered the DNA test from AHT and turns out Ellie has this dreadful syndrome

Ellie is currently being given over the counter eye drops at least five times a day. She receives Cyclosporin eye drops every night. But as owners we don't know what else to do? We live in Idaho and can't find a vet who knows anything about this Syndrome. We have searched all over Utah and Idaho.

Please if you have any advice on how we can treat her we would really appreciate it. We have notified the breeder in Bountiful, Utah who knows absolutely nothing about Dry Eye and Curly Coat Syndrome.

Ellie does not seem to be in pain and she is just past 1 1/2 years old. The only symptoms she has is of course her dry eyes, dry hair along her spine, and patches of dry skin on the pads of her paws. She seems to be in no pain at all.

Is this a slow developing Syndrome? Are there different levels of it? I guess what we really want to know is if there is any chance Ellie can live a normal long life if given treatment?

Please if you have a dog who has this syndrome of have anything that can help us help our little Ellie we would really appreciate it!

Thank you!