Story so far

Ebony started with a few drops of blood in her normal poo (you could see that she was straining) 2 weeks ago. The vet I saw gave me some paste and I feed her on Chicken & Rice and Ebony was ok after 4 days. A week later Harley started the same but a bit worse then Ebony. He had to go toilet more then usual but nothing much came out and he was straining and had drops of blood in his poo. I gave him the paste for 2 days and then took him to the vets. He gave him an injection and put him on Metronidazole. That was last Thursday. He stopped going toilet until last night and it looked ok but this evening he had drops of blood again. On Friday Ebony started again so I took her straight to the vet and she gave her Metronidazole. Both of them have been on Chicken & Rice for nearly 2 weeks now. Since Friday Ebony has not been to the toilet.

The vet said that it was colitis and that they might have eaten something on their walk. I explained to the vet that mine are always on the lead and I would know if they eaten something. I said the only thing they eat is grass. He said that something could have been on the grass. Rosie my other Cavalier is absolutely fine. He also felt Harleys tummy and said that if it would be pancreatic he would yelp if he pressed on this spot on his tummy as it would be very sore. I even emailed Clare Rusbridge to see if it could be the medication but she said that it isn’t. Well I am at a loss. Looks like I will phone the vets in the morning and take a sample in.

After all the problems we had last year with Ebony & Harley and getting used to SM and all the other things I finally thought we were ok. I just can’t believe we are here again. I feel rotten.