Hi all,

My 6 month old girl, Lady, has been showing signs of a luxating patella since I picked her up at 8 weeks. At first, her back right leg seemed much much weaker than the left, she used to walk kind of sideways and you could tell it wasnt as strong as the other. After some growing her walking improved a lot, but she often yelps, and jumps to favours her back right leg seemingly out of the blue. She does this I would say about once a day, maybe every few days, and sometimes more than once a day. It seems like most of the time when it happens she lying down in the "curled up" position.

At our first vet appointment at around 12 weeks, the vet examined it and saw that she had some difficulty extending the leg. She only shows pain when the leg seems to either dislocate or pinch, other than that she seems fine; she can walk, run and jump with ease the majority of the time. Unfortunately this is now considered a "pre-existing condition" and I can no longer apply for pet insurance without the leg being excluded for coverage, so I opted to just save on my own. I did some research of my own and through this forum and other sites I have read that some puppies had the issue and grew out of it, and others have had to eventually get operated on. The vet said to just monitor her condition for signs of it getting worse.

I was wondering if other people with who have a had a simliar issue could share their stories and advice. Also, when do you think would be an appropriate time to have it X-rayed?

Thanks in advance!