I have a beautiful 5 year old female cavalier king charles called Hunni who began fainting and has now been diagnosed by the vet as having two large blood clots in her pulmonary arteries. She has had an x-ray, 3 ultrasounds, a CT scan, 3 blood tests and urine and poo tests and they have not been able to establish what has caused her blood to clot. She is on half an asprin once a day to stop her blood clotting but the ultrasound she had on monday showed that the clots are still getting bigger despite the asprin. She is weasing, a bit tired and hacks sometimes but not as much as before, but she has not fainted since we first took her to the vets, she is also currently on bed rest Has anyone experienced this with their dog or know of any information that may help because i feel that the vet has pretty much given up! They did mention something about her thyroid and i read somewhere that that can affect blood clotting?
Any help or suggestions would be much appreciated!