I have been to the annual vet check with Molly and Éowyn. Molly now has a slight heart murmur, but we shouldn't worry, just keep an eye on her. Éowyn was fine - and here comes the surprise. Apparently I have to reconsider her intelligence. We have always thought that she was less clever than Molly (whom we call Brain, Éowyn is (or was!) Pinky.

This vet has seen Éowyn for several times, and she has always - like many other - noticed her happiness, and her high acitivily level. This vet is also skilled in dog behaviour, and she said something completely unexpected, to me anyway. Éowyn is 4 years od in October, and she has got the right physique and temper - and INTELLIGENCE! - to become an a excellent tracking dog for lost items/persons, for hunters - and for bomb squads! I am quite surprised, and I was adviced to let her use her skills.
Of course I could never dream of parting from her and send her to war, but the vet recommended that I went to obedience and tracking training with her. Obedience in order to teach her the basics needed for tracking. There are three courses close by, and I now have to figure out, whether I should do this or not. My main problem is time, but I will have to think about it.

Does any of you have experience with training an adult dog from scratch? I mean, this was a complete surprise to me, and I had never thought upon this.