Kayleigh had a screaming episode on Friday [diagnosed by MRI with CM last August]. My husband took her to the woods for a walk with the others, he noticed she was sitting awkwardly and then she just started screaming he had to carry her back to the car, she was limp. By the time they got to the car she was moaning and whining. [Definitely not a seizure].

She wasn't so bad by the time they got home but I gave her some pain relief and arranged a vet appointment. I was pretty sure it was the CM but wanted to get her checked over just in case. The vet agreed and was worried about her, we had a discussion about quality of life if she has more screaming episodes - if we couldn't control them we would give her her wings as we wouldn't let her suffer. My vet said they have to be in tremendous pain to scream like that, as dogs hide pain.

Kayleigh has been quiet over the weekend, we are keeping her on restricted for a week. Obviously we are very worried about taking her out now

The weather pressure changes will not have helped - it is so unsettled, been really hot again today but the pressure has dropped quite dramatically over the weekend.

Hard to see her looking so miserable