My little three year old blenheim boy was diagnosed with mild SM when he was just a year old. He was rubbing, scratching his ears, hiding and fearful. I believed he was hard of hearing but I knew he could hear some sounds. Oh, I got him from a breeder at 6 months.

He was on gabapentin but I didn't see any difference in his behavior. Sometimes he would jump as if something stuck him and run and hid under the couch or chair. He would not come out even if I offered him a treat but I also noticed that he did not respond to his name or to basically anything.

He learned some hand signals but is petrified of anyone he does not know, children and other dogs. He will lie there and screem. I've had him to my regular vet who knows little to nothing about SM or PSOM. I suspect he has PSOM as he gags, yawns, gulps when swallowing as if his ears are clogged and scratches his ears constantly.

My vet checked him again yesterday and found no yeast or infection in his ears and no infection in his throat although he has very enlarged tonsils and lots of foam behind his throat. She says his eardrums are no longer shiny but dull. I'm taking him to a canine dermatologist Monday. They treat PSOM and check the ear with a scope. If it's found they do a small cut in each eardrum and suck out the glue like stuff clogged in the inner ear. I'm hoping that is what it is and after the procedure he might be able to hear.

Has anyone dealt with PSOM and if so has the treatment been successful. I feel so sorry for my little guy becaus I know that if you can't hear, your ears are clogged and you have problems swollowing you are really uncomfortable but he never cries out. He is so very stoic.