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Thread: puppy sprained leg?

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    Alright so you did make your first "unexpected" vet visit. If the vet seems to think its alright and gave him pain meds AND he is no longer limping or acting normal. I would think rest, careful watching and waiting is fine. Its hard to keep a silly little puppy resting tho...I would try your best maybe its a good time to run to the pet store for an antler, small bully stick o try out a new kong recipe.
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    Are you in US? A huge portion of US vets don't believe in controlling pain in animals (including no after surgery pain killers). This is the same as civil war era battlefield surgery techniques, you wouldn't choose that care for yourself. I would consider a different vet.

    If you go to you can search for a vet in your area. Otherwise you can ask vets as you try them out.

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    Quote Originally Posted by markyyyyyy View Post
    Hi all,

    thanks so much for your help and support

    I have been in bits, have only had him a week and for this to happen already is horrible.

    There is no major improvement since yesterday.

    I let him out of his crate this morning and he was running around playing, however i have put him in his crate as his leg needs rest.

    How long should i wait until xray? We have an appointment at the vets on Friday for this 10 week jab. Should i wait until then?


    I would try another Vet. We can usually see our Vet the very day we call if it is something that needs attention.
    Without this Vet seeing an X-ray..he/she is only assuming that this pup hasn't broken it's leg.
    If he is running around playing..that's a good sign...but he could still have a small fracture.
    Either way...(just my opinion)...he needs checked out sooner than Friday.
    It's good you are limiting his play you said..his leg probably needs some rest to heal.
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