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We had a boxer who did this too- our solution was also letting her "greet" outside for people she was really excited to see. There can be a humorous side to it sometimes...she was out front with us, and a very athletic couple who walk/jog our neighborhood daily were out there, but Mattie hadn't "met" them yet. She went bounding off the porch, running straight for them. They froze, of course (60 lbs of boxer making a bee-line for you), and we're yelling "SHE'S SWEET, SHE'S FINE- BUT WATCH YOUR SHOES!!!" as we ran out to get her. They yelled "WATCH WHAT???" "YOUR SHOES! YOUR SHOES!!" and sure enough, Mattie is running and "sitting" in front of them, up down up down, trying to say "Hihihihihi!!!" and peeing everywhere every time she sat *facepalm* The joggers started dancing trying to get away from her butt, but still pet her head...Thankfully, we were all laughing by the time we got to them! Poor Mattie, she had watched them go by for months from either the window or the backyard, and she was excited beyond belief to actually get to greet them, lol.
ROFLOL.... thanks for the laugh this morning !!! ...luv it !!