Hey all!
I am really well versed in SM and CM, but know next to nothing about heart murmurs and hoping someone can help explain the grading and progression a bit?

My little rescue Toby has a grade 1 heart murmur which I am told is nothing to worry about and very small. But I guess what my question is...do they always progress and get worse? Does it happen fast or slow? And what does grade 1 mean anyway (aside from te lowest on the scale of course).

In other news Toby got a bunch of teeth pulled a few weeks ago and is a changed dog, so much energy and so happy (he must have been in so much pain, I could nearly pull out two of them!). His front teeth also so signs of long term cage chewing.
He also has a grade three luxating patella which we will have to address at some point, but for now we are doing physical therapy to build up his supporting muscles (he was never exercised before) and we have taken a whopping 2.5 kg off of him since his surrender!! He is at his fighting weight of 8.4 kg. I am so proud of him, he looks fantastic. Both mine are fed a raw diet and he is loving his bones and healthy meals

Here is a latest pic: