I have girl cavalier called Cindy, she is a rescue dog so unsure of her age but would guess over 8 years. We took her to the vet for her booster who told us she had a grade 4 heart murmur. She is now on heart meds but have been told this will not stop the problem only slow it down but that it will kill her in the end Apparently grade 4 is very bad.
Could anyone please give me advice on this. How bad is grade 4? What does it mean?

She had 24 teeth removed yesturday due to infections in her gums and holes in her teeth (problems we are sorting which she has had since we got her like her weight)Shes very drowsy today bless her.

I have been told im not allowed on another cavalier forum as Cindy is not a "show dog". I hope members on this forum will help me as shes still my baby wether shes a show dog or not

Thanks in advance

My cindy