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Thread: Murphy's still not right

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    Oh man poor baby. I was actually thinking about him last night when Fletcher was sleep on top of my head!!!! I just would lose it if he jumped out and started freaking out. Touch wood I have only been worried about Fletcher one time so far when he ate a piece of fabric, I cried at the vets and even jumped down a vet tech's throat when she asked a simply question!!! I was a brat for sure. I have been to the ER with my kids getting stitches and have been totally cool joking about it. I have more kid experience tho. I just hope you get it sorted out quickly with as little stress and pain as possible.

    Just an idea tho, for both you and Nicki how about trying a plastic backed baby bib for the drooling. Just an idea, I would think having a wet chest might not be good for keeping warm...
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    Glasgow has just called! Got an appointment for Monday the 10th at 9am. So an early start for us, but hopefully we'll get some answers now.

    He didn't want to got to bed last night either. He moved the wash basket out the corner, and the shopping bags, which are in a gap between the cooker and unit. It seems he wants to hide?

    I tried letting him sleep in the living room to see if he would be happier, but Misty sat at the bottom of the stairs and howled! She is used to her routine. That's the thing both of them have their routine, and always have. Which is why the change in Muphys behaviour is so puzzling.

    I'm wondering if it could be his back, he's been walking quite slow this week. No running about or anything. The things that suddenly pop in to your mind. Murphy is quite a long dog, and has always had a slight curve to his "top line". Mistys back is very straight when she's standing, but Murphy's has always had a round shape to his spine. I'm wondering if this could be a problem? He's been to two different practices, and seen around 8 vets, and this has never been mentioned. Could be worrying over nothing, but all sorts will be going through my mind until the 10th.

    We're off to Morpeth on Monday until Friday. Hopefully we can all relax and have a nice time. We did have lots of walks planned, but with Murph not being right, it's just going to be some r and r.

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