My Tess has a grade 5 murmur. When I asked how much physical activity is OK for her, my vet said to let her set her own pace. No extended walks on leash, etc. we normally go to the dog park in the mornings, and Tess makes a circuit of the park, sniffing and doing her business, then gets up onto a table where she greets her fans who pet her. Her vet thought that sounded about right.

However, once in a while, Tess gets very playful. She'll pick up her feet and dash about madly. The other day she got flirty with a large Labrador and got him to play with her. Sometimes she starts chasing the ball.

Based on the vet's recommendations to let her set her own pace, I've just gone along with whatever she's done but sometimes I've wondered if I shouldn't intervene and keep her calmer.

To those of you with dogs with MVD, what would you do? Also, do any of you use a carrier for your dog if it gets tired? I was thinking about getting one, or a stroller. Not sure if I'm going overboard though...