8 weeks- When we got Charlie he was a little on the chunky side and had been fed pedigree from his breeder. I wanted to definitely get him off that and so stated weaning onto Hills natures best. 3 months- After researching I found out that wasn't the best food for them and decided to slowly transition onto Wainwrights with NatureDiet as a topper which he would eat reluctantly but only if it was warmed up!

6 months - He started vomiting and after 2 trips to the vets, a second opinion and a week of just plain rice and chicken with 2 stomach settling medications the vomiting stopped (touch wood) I worried that the food i was giving Charlie was upsetting him so I bought Burns and gradually mixed in with his rice and chicken till he was off that and just onto burns dry.

Now he won't touch the stuff on its own. He sniffs then snubs within 2 seconds!

I don't know what to do now. I feel sorry for him because I want him to enjoy his meals and not beg for human food but I'm so worried about trying him on something else again as he has a sensitive stomach it seems and it's becoming quite expensive too!

What should I do?