Thank you everyone for your kind words. This website has been great to read to see how others are dealing with MVD.
I forgot to say in my original post that Grace is 7 years old. She just went into CHF one month before her 7th birthday.
It has definitely been a roller coaster ride these last two months. On Monday we saw the specialist again. He did x-rays and found some fluid in her right caudal lung lobe. My options were to do a bronchoscope and lavage which would mean putting her under anesthesia or to try antibiotics. I did not want to risk the anesthesia so opted for antibiotics and bronchodilators. 5 days later and she seems to be doing better. Her respiratory rate is now down in the 20's at rest sometimes low 30's. This is the best she has done in weeks. I am hopeful that the antibiotics are working. The specialist is concerned with her sodium levels and is slowly weaning her off the spirinolactone.

She does seem to have more of an appetite now, although still being somewhat picky. I have been feeding her Sojos veggie mix with meat added but she was picking out the meat and leaving veggies at times. I have now started The Honest Kitchen Keen and mixed some meat in so she would eat it. Does anyone else feed this or other Honest Kitchen formulas? Also any suggestions on healthy treats?

Any advice would be helpful.