Hi and thank you for your welcome.

I wanted to ask a question about Milly, she is 17 weeks old now and weighs 7lb 2oz. When I brought her home she was very small indeed and nothing I did seemed to make a difference, then my vet asked for a stool sample and it was discovered she had Isospora and on further investigation by me, found she had brought it with her. Milly's body is nicely covered, no ribs or spine showing but she seems very slender and not very tall, although this last week or so she seems to be getting 'leggy', but given her overall size that's probably not saying much! Is there anything I can do to help Milly, will she catch up, am I worrying over nothing? I don't mind how big or small Milly is when she's fully grown, she's gorgeous and so pretty, I just want to know that I'm helping her to be the best little girl she can be. Any advice? Milly is fed 3 times a day at the moment on Oscar food. When it was discovered she had Isospora the vet gave me Hills i/d until Milly was well again, I then transferred her to Oscar as this is what my other Cavalier, Henry, is fed on and he's wonderful on it. Oscar does seem to suit Milly, no tummy problems or anything.

Many thanks
Helen, Henry and Milly x