Jazz is nearly 9 months now and we've never had an accident with her at night, not even when we first got her at 9 weeks old! I trained her to sleep in a crate at night and apart from the first couple of nights, she would take herself into her bed every night without any problem.

My dear partner decided he wanted Jazz to come onto our bed at night and you can imagine there were no complaints coming from her!!! - I didn't have a problem with this myself as it's lovely having cuddles at night, but I always wondered if this would cause us problems later.

All was going fine but Jazz has recently begun to develop seperation anxiety. For months now Jazz has had a routine where she either is walked or goes to daycare 4 days a week - I have with a fantastic couple of ladies local to me who provide dog daycare and they have become her second family - so the recent anxiety has come as a surprise to us all. she seems particularly attached to me rather than my partner so when i leave for work in the morning, i've had to walk away leaving her whining and barking and I feel horrible for leaving her even though I know she'll be picked up in an hour after i've left the house.

I can't help but think that allowing her to sleep with us may be the root cause - perhaps the closeness at night, followed by seperation in the morning is causing the anxiety....

Last night I reintroduced the crate in the bedroom, thankfully Jazz settled fairly quickly in it but, wow, do I feel guilty?!! plus we both missed her cuddles.

Just wondered if anyone had any thoughts on this - do you think there is a connection?