Yep, we were at my parents house this afternoon and I stepped on Fletcher AND we both FELL down the deck stairs onto the concrete!!!!!!! Well, luckily Fletcher is fine. My brother-in-law was there, he's a vet and he checked over him real well, he does have a scrape on his right front leg but nothing is broken and he went back to running on it within 5 minutes. But I KNOW my foot was on that leg for a split second (I switched weight off that foot really fast and is probably the main reason I ended up falling down the steps). So that is the MAIN thing Fletcher is fine, just wash the scrape and make sure it heals up. I did have some left over pain meds from his neuter my brother-in-law said I could give him 1/4 a dose which I did just to make sure he not hurting.

HOWEVER, I did not fair as well with the fall. I scraped my hands and one elbow which feels like they are in fire still AND for added fun I sprang in left ankle AND broke a small bone in the top of my left foot. NICE, I ended up going to the emergency room!!!!! I felt like a total nerd telling the doctor I tripped over my dog. Better me than Fletcher tho or one of the kids. So now I am sitting on the sofa with my foot wrapped up with ice and I'm pretty much stuck here right now. I'm not suppose to walk on my foot for 5 to 7 days and go back to my doctor in 2 weeks. That is not really gonna work but again I'll do the best I can. At least I have a cute little sweet unharmed dog to keep my company.