Hey Guys/Gals

First let me introduce Riley, our new addition:http://imageupper.com/i/?S0200010010...47235998228375

My wife and I brought home Riley on August 4th 2012. He was born July 4th and currently weighs 2.4 pounds

We had taken Riley to a local vet here near where we live to get his 2nd round of shots and other check up needs they saw appropriate. When we were there, we were given and told to give Riley HeartGuard and also to apply Frontline after two days of the visit for flea treatment. Being naive, we took the packets and trusted what they had told and given us. The day came 2 days after and we gave Riley half the heartguard and applied the Frontline. Riley seemed fine and we had to leave for an hour about 2 hours after applying the frontline. When we returned we noticed that he had thrown up in his crate. He still seemed energized and playful when we returned. However as the night went on he would throw up again a couple times and developed diarrhea. We worried so we called the vet we went to only to be transferred to there animal emergency hospital hotline and they told us the reaction had nothing to do with either of these products. We used some thought and figured it to be the case since he was fine all the days up to that point after applying these medications. We called the breeder that raised the pups and he was startled they told us to use Frontline on him at such a young age and weight. But we did read the pamphlet and it does state that dogs from 0-22 pounds and 8 weeks and older could take the medication. But the breeder seriously stated that it shouldn't have been given to him and to get in contact with another vet. After this he started to have episodes where he would shake his head vigorously and spit out water or whatever he was throwing up. After these little episodes though he would seem a little revived and wanted to play (shortly) but then would become lethargic again and just lay.

We took Riley too another vet and we explained everything and they stated that they actually wouldn't have given Riley either the frontline and the heartguard shouldn't of had any affect. He even stated they don't even carry the product at this place cause he claimed it didnt work. Anyway, we stayed there for a good 2 hours and the doc checked everything on Riley and said he was good in those areas (temp, glucose, esophagus check). So we took him back and the same happened at home. The head episodes, throwing up and diarrhea. He also didn't want to touch food or water so we immediately called the vet on call and he came in to check him out again. He said he would run some test to see if it is a viral problem and wanted to keep him there over night on a IV to keep fluid in him.

The next morning we came in and he said he seemed good (alert, little playful) but still was throwing up and having the head episodes so wanted to keep til the end of the day. He said all the tests he ran came out good and then came to say he really didn't know why he was reacting like he was and the underlying cause doing this and never seen another dog do this and still have all the other signs be so good or in line. So now he thinks we should see if we can run the process of waiting on letting the frontline getting out of his system and seeing if he improves. He has a little build up in his lungs cause he will cough a little bit but the vet says its from the IV. So what we are doing now and taken him to the vet during the day and leaving him and picking him up at night to take home to stay over night with us since noone is at the vet office over night.

So that's our story and we sort of stand behind that the frontline is causing this since most people we've spoken too said that it should have been given at the age and weight of our Riley. However since the vet can't really figure out whats going on inside of him and why he has the head shakes/spitting episodes, we thought we would come here and see if any of you had any insight on whats going on and if you know this is just affects of the frontline going through his system. Of course we know hes sick but are a little lost on whats going on and any info you guys have would be deeply appreciated.

Thanks to all of you in advance!

Also I am sorry for any of the typos and incorrect grammar as I (Adam) haven't had much sleep.
Adam & Jenn