My cavy is 9 years old and was diagnosed with a mild sm a couple of years ago.
She has never scratched or shown any sign of pain, however she was diagnosed when i saw her have a small seizure which then left her legs very wobbly and couldn't jump like she did previous.
My vet did a mri scan and the sm was picked up.
Since then, her movement inproved back to normal, but today she is back at the vets as last night i noticed she couldnt walk properly again and jump.
It is like her right side isnt working properly. At the moment she takes frusomide 2 x aday and gabapentin 3 x aday.
I was wondering if anyone else experiences these same problems with there cavy.
She has never scratched like alot of cavys with sm it just seems to affect her balance and movement.
Also does the medication stop working over time ?
Will update with what my vet says.
Thanks sally