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Thread: Grooming And Bathing

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    Hi Lady Hoop

    Be prepared for the "Fur Balls" and lots of them .
    Brian M

    Poppy the Tri, Daisy the Blen, Rosie the Ruby and Lily the B & T

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    Brian, we use Isle of Dogs (shampoo #12 conditioner #51). If BB needs additional help on her white spots we use Chris Christensen's White on White shampoo, I also finish her off with Chris Christensen's Ice on Ice leave in conditioner and dirt resister. This has worked really well to keep her clean and we bath monthly or as needed.

    On brushing I have a basic Mason Pearson brush, a furminator (really only needed when she blew her puppy coat, now rarely use) and need to get some recommendations on a comb for the feather areas? After we got through BB blowing her puppy coat things have been much more manageable with daily brushing. She is getting tangles in the feather areas behind the ears and around her front "arm pits". Comb recommendations appreciated and hope the shampoo advice helps!

    One additional note, while BB was a puppy we did weekly water things to get her use to bathing. Things may have included walking in some water in the bathtub, washing the face, rinsing with water or a full bath. Basically just tried to get her use to water and baths while not over bathing. She is really good with the bathing and does well so if there are owners with young ones just keep that in mind!
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