We had our appointment at Glasgow SAH today with Murphy. We had to be there for 9am, so it was an early start to beat the traffic.

We saw a different Neurologist with Murphy, called Kate Stalin, she has been working with Claire Rusbridge in Wimbledon, and has only been at Glasgow two months. Murphy has had a consultation, full bloodwork and an MRI scan done today, so the poor guys currently out for the count. He was still groggy when we picked him up, and walked like a drunken sailor.

His MRI shows a "moderate chiari-malformation, with central canal dilation, and evidence of a pre-syrinx within the the cervical and thoracolumbar cord". Looking at his images he has a small grey patch at his neck, and a pencil thin line along his lower back, the cross sectional scan shows it's not very wide either. Compared with Misty's, who's whole spin is broken into three large syrinxes, that show up as stark white patches on the MRI, with a wide cross sectional area, it's like night and day.

She's prescribed him Cimetidine, which Misty is on anyway, and she'll speak to us in a couple of weeks to see how he's doing. It's not the best news, but it's far from the worst we could have been given. The only other thing that concerned her is that he's lost quite a bit of weight lately, hence she ordered the bloods, which we'll get the results of tomorrow.