Scarlett, my girl with severe SM, has been having trouble lately- more than usual. Lots of scratching, bunny hopping, etc. I am giving her Gabapentin 100 mg 4/day, Omeprazole 10 mg 1/day, and Tramadol as needed. My vet is working in conjunction with the neuro who is a good distance away from me but we had her MRI done at a much lower rate so we traveled to have it done. Anyway, I would like to try Lyrica but it is $200/month. The patent will be up in October from what I understand but the pharmacist told me it is usually a good year before the prices come down very much as only one company will make the generic for the first year. I did order the generic (pre-gabalin) from a compounding pharmacy but have been afraid to use it as it is not FDA approved so wanted to try some other things before spending $200 more each month on meds.

Anyway, to make a long story short, we are going to try a small amount of Pred to see if we can give her some relief and the doctor also added in Melatonin at night to help her rest better. I started the Melatonin last week bc I wanted to start them one at a time in case there were issues. The melatonin has worked like a charm. She seems to rest much better and is much calmer at night. I just started the Pred yesterday and will monitor her closely on it. i really didn't want to put her on it, but I she needs some relief. Her liver and kidney values have been perfect each time we have checked them, even after four years of meds for SM. I am hoping she will do ok on the Pred.

Her spinal cord has so much damage that surgery wouldn't have helped her a lot, so we opted to treat her medically and it has been working well for the last four years. She is almost 6 years old. She came to live with me when she was two.

Has anyone had experience using melatonin? I really knew nothing about it but I have been reading some very good things and it appears to be helping Scarlett a bit. She gets 3 mg before bed.