in another topic..i brought up these snuggle safe heat stick it in the microwave and it heats up for 12 hours.
i thought this was a great idea for bringing home a new puppy (especially in the winter!)

MishathePooh suggested a nother product thats a little more affordable.. a self heating mat. which could possibly do the same thing.

ive also seen online heart beat toys...

reviews on the two products (heat disk and heart beat toy) have been great..saying that it makes transitioning a new puppy into a home away from its family a lot easier.
theyre expensive..and there has been a few reports of the disk being misused and causing serious damage.

I was also thinking..maybe a sheep skin rug as bedding.. as that would be soft and warm.. but do you think the puppy would eat it?

so many ideas .. my cats never got this luxury
then again..they didnt really care hahah.