Fletcher and I are in between classes right now, we start back next month. I just had too much back to school kid stuff going on. He has learned several commands pretty well sit, down, leave it, recall (tho I will never trust him off lead outside), stay is still a work in progress. He also does back up, this is something I use at doors cause in the past Fletcher would run out with out permission. But the past few days he has been a total brat You all know I love him dearly. He has gone back to little puppy mode and is finding all kinds of things to chew (I don't even know where or what this stuff is) even after I go through the part of the house he is allowed free roam its still happening!!!! We had to move and then move again the baby gate that keeps him from going to the kids bedrooms because he kept finding a way under/over it. And the barking at anyone cooking in the kitchen!!!! That is brand new he has never done that ever. He's roaming around like "what can I get into or do now". Then just now he had a potty accident in the house directly in front of the doggie door!!! What?!?!?!?!!!!!??? Ahhhhhhhhh..........

So I started thinking what's changed? The kids all of them are back in school during the day, as some of you know Fletcher and my little 4 year old Mr. Monster are pretty good buddies. The weather and the kids being in school does have us swimming less but I have added another walk to our day. Fletcher and I walk Mr. Monster to and from school its exactly 1/2 mile and then Fletcher and I go in a longer walk every evening. I'm still feeding him twice a day some food. We practice commands a few times a day and he's still doing well with those, its the manners that seem to be slipping.

I hate to limit him back to being in his crate/space whenever I can't fulling 100% supervise him but that is what is happening. I'm just worried about the chewing. As for the barking at people in the kitchen fixing food (he barked and barked at my daughter this morning when she was making toast!) we have been putting and leaving him outside because his "space" is off the kitchen.

Anyway, if you have some suggestions or can even sympathize that would be great. Part of me thinks he missed Mr. Monster, or "someone" (my husband) has been sneaking him food when he's cooking, or if this potty accidents continue (as far only one) I'm going to need to call the vet just in case.

Thanks in advance!!!!!