Charlie was given o.7 megs of Gabapentin and 0.5 mils of prednisone 4 hours ago.
He's restless, jumps down from my lap.
He walked up and down the chesterfield where the Ridgeback and the Griffon were sleeping like he wanted to jump up but didn't. When I called him over to me he indicated he wanted up so I positioned him so I could lift him up. The Ridge bounded over barking at him followed by the Grif. That's unusual behaviour for them and I wonder what they're detecting. Charlie's on and off my lap a dozn times a day on his own unnoticed by the other dogs.
So I lifted Charlie up to my lap and he settled in. His head is positioned lower than his body and he's breathing rapidly.

Is this a sign of pain/discomfort? His meds have been increased to 0.7 mils of Gabapentin every 8 hours and 0.5 mgs of Prednisone taken with foodonce a day initiated late last week because of air scratching when time for his meds.