[QUOTE]Most of the really early scans could not be graded under the new scheme as the scanning process has been considerably refined over the years[QUOTE]
When breeders were told this,there were some who had invested heavily in scanning their stock.Anxious to have their scans compliant,many paid to have their dogs rescanned at a scheme compliant venue.They had not expected to be charged 100 if they wanted to have them regraded,so they could appear on the KC healthfinder,so perfectly compliant scans go unrecorded and this,coupled with the delays and doubts regarding publication,left health focused breeders disillusioned and as a result,they are slow to buy into the scheme.
The Scheme only includes dogs MRI'd before January 2012 if the owner pays to submit their older certificates. I paid 100 to have Faith's scan officially graded and the results recorded.
One breeder I know had a litter earlier this year,only the mother of the litter appears on the KC healthfinder.In fact the litter has both parents,all 4 grandparents and six of eight great grandparents Mri'd with no SM.The older dogs will not be regraded,the money will go towards scanning young dogs.
Also only KC registered dogs will appear on the KC healthfinder.
The English kennel club has no mandate to publish results of dogs registered with other kennel clubs.Had I used Holly's IKC reg number,her scan would not have appeared.Her eyes have been tested under a BVA scheme,but the result isn't recorded as I gave the Opthalmologist her IKC cert.
Puppy buyers will need a lot of patience for this healthfinder to build into a useful resource as it's literally straight back to the drawing board with this scheme.
You will still have to approach a breeder,ask for copies of their reports/certs and never assume that because as dog isn't listed,that it hasn't been scanned or that there is some unsavoury reason for not having dogs listed...