Ok, those of you with Cavaliers on Lyrica in the US, where are you buying it? We are picking up 60 (25 mg) pills at Walgreen's today for $201.00 but I think in reality, we are going to need at least 3/day which means 90 pills. I just called CostCo and it's $300/90 pills. Is it cheaper anywhere??? These prices are crazy. I know the patent is up in Oct but the pharmacist said it will likely go down about 10% at that time and in March go down to a more manageable price. Suggestions? I do have some filled from Diamondback Compounding Pharmacy that was much cheaper, but it's the generic Pregabalin, made in India, I believe, and it's not FDA approved so I have been worried about using it. I can't seem to get an answer from anyone as to where they buy their Lyrica. Help!